The POS - reimagined

Customers are increasingly using technology to interact with businesses, Covid19 accelerated the trend.

How can a brick-and-mortar business connect with customers who live in the digital world?

Introducing Chalkboards, the POS for customer engagement

Chalkboards is a new kind of POS

  • Designed from the ground up with customer engagement at its core
  • Chockfull of tools, powerful but super easy and fun to use
  • We don't waste money putting logos on monitors and hardware. They don't help you sell more
  • We put our money on mastering modern customer engagement, something you can use and win

3 ways Chalkboards POS helps you connect with customers

Reward your most profitable customers

Chalkboards Table-Touch Discounts are your best choice.

  • See a big-spender? Surprise him with a discount
  • Make it future-dated, create and print only when you decide
  • No third-parties to pay, you are in complete control

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Put your business on your customer's mobiles

Put your mobile webapp QR code on your receipt, labels, business cards...
  • Customer can place orders directly from the mobile
  • When they order and pick-up, you keep all the money
  • Show your promos in your mobile webapp and connect with your customers

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Turn unhappy customers into happy ones

Sometimes things go wrong. Let customers vent directly to you.
  • Complaints on Yelp end up hurting your business
  • Make it easy for customers to complain straight to you
  • Incentivize them with a discount or a coupon. Use this as an opportunity to connect with your customers.

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3 ways Chalkboards POS can save you money

Don't hire extra staff, get Self-Service

Self service kiosks save you money on labor costs

  • Handle rush hour without hiring extra staff
  • Avoid errors during order taking
  • Let customers pay on their own at the kiosk for faster service

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Don't waste time running back-and-forth

Handhelds and tablets Let staff stay on the floor, making them more efficient

  • Handhelds are compact, easy to carry
  • Tablets are easier to read, more ergonomic
  • Either one lets your staff transmit orders directly to the kitchen without leaving the floor.
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Turn over-preps into flash sales

Make customers happy with deals and reduce waste at the same time
  • Did you prep too much? Don't worry. Turn them into deals.
  • Customers get an email, from which they can buy and pay
  • Turn waste into profit.

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3 ways Chalkboards POS helps you sell more

Increase return-visits with loyalty

Chalkboards 'pick-and-use' loyalty cards make it easy for all types of customers

  • Loyalty works, but only if customers join
  • Use points or free items, you can switch anytime
  • Loyal customers are more predictable and therefore profitable. Chalkboards makes loyalty easy for you.
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Sell more high-profit items with signage

A signage on the sidewalk is like salesman, working tirelessly, promoting your high-profit items

  • Let pedestrians know what your special are
  • Update with fresh content, send over the air (OTA)
  • A picture is worth a thousand words, mouth-watering picture is worth even more.

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Sell more deserts and drinks

Don't miss drink and dessert orders because staff are too busy to visit tables

  • Put tiny, spill-proof server-pager buttons on tables
  • When customers can't find a waiter, they push the button
  • Server is notified on his wrist pager which vibrates discretely.

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FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Yes. Chalkboards is a world-class, full service, POS that takes care of your Front of the House and Back of the House. From handhelds to kitchen automation to mobile-ordering, Chalkboards has all the functions that a modern POS like Toast or similar provide. A feature by feature comparison is available. Ask us for demo

Chalkboards does much more than Toast. Chalkboards takes care of your customer engagement, Beyond the House! In addition to being a world-class POS with all the functions like Toast, Chalkboards also has a large set of powerful customer engagement tools already built-in. No integration, no third-party, no hassle. For example: You can generate a timed discount for a future visit when you want some customer to return. When they are back, just scan and redeem. Chalkboards lets you appreciate your best customers with modern technology. Remember, most of your profit comes from your big-spender customers. Chalkboards helps you show them your appreciation. There are many more tools and technologies like this in Chalkboards that are all aimed at one thing - engage your modern tech-savvy customers, sell more, increase profit.
Oh yes, another small differnce, unlike Toast, Chalkboards will not make you sign three year contracts or increase your swipe fees later.

You can use the Chalkboards tools independently, in most cases. For example, you just want a self-service kiosk, to handle peak-hour customers. You can set up a Chalkboards standalone Kiosk to do this. If you want customers to pay on the kiosk, then we can, in most cases, associate your current merchant account and credit card processor. You will get a separate kitchen ticket printer/display for kiosk orders.
Once you experience the power and smoothness of Chalkboards, we are confident you will want the whole thing. But no need to rush

Chalkboards is more economical than you expect. We do not waste your money putting our logos on monitors, or force you to buy our branded hardware. We do not have any hardware lockin. We offer you the best hardware (kiosks, touchscreen dual screen POS etc.) at market rate. Chalkboards is hardware independent. This reduces your costs, and we pass on the savings to you. We also do not charge per-terminal. Finally, we are both cable and wifi enabled. No expensive re-cabling or digging is needed. All this to save you money where other POS vendors sneak in extra charges. We put all your money into excellent software, coupled with state-of-the-art hardware. The result is big savings and better software for you.

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