Customer Engagement Tools

Discount generator in your POS

Feel powerless when you see a big-spender?

  • Surprise them with an unexpected discount
  • Encourage them to visit again, with a TableTouch discount
  • The art of table-touch, the modern way

Mobile Webapps from your POS

Just like an app, without the hassles of the AppStore

  • A QR code with a powerful feature -when customers bookmark, it becomes an app
  • WebApps were invented by Steve Jobs himself, supported by all smartphones
  • Get orders directly to you, avoid fees and comissions. Even a reservation button is included.
  • Share your mobile webapp via your receipts, labels, menus...

Feedback portal in your POS

Turn unhappy customers into happy customers

  • The Chalkboards POS comes with a built-in Feedback Portal, in-store and online.
  • Let customers vent and complain, directly to you
  • You can even offer a discount for a future visit
  • Turn feedback into yet another opportnity to engage with your customers

Money saving tools

Self-service Kiosks part of your POS

No need to hire extra staff, just use self-service kiosks

  • Many formats available, standalone or customer-facing screen of your POS
  • Fully integrated, with ability to toggle items as out-of-stock
  • User friendly modern interface, swipe/drag-drop for today's tech-savvy customers

Flash-sale tool built-into your POS

Over-prepped? Turn into a flash-sale

  • Don't throw away over-preps. Create a flash-sale with built-in GreenDining feature.
  • Customers get email/text with link to purchase, and pick up before closing
  • You set the number of over-preps available, GreenDining takes care of the rest
  • Turn waste into profit, and connect with your customers in yet another way

Sell more with POS tools

Loyalty tags built into your POS

Chalkboards loyalty works with all types of customers

  • Pick-and-use key-tags appeal to customers who don't want to sign-up
  • Tech-savvy customers can turn the key-tags into mobile webapps by scanning and bookmarking
  • Then there are those who just want to use their mobile number
  • All you have to do is to activate your built-in loyalty feature and you are good to go

Server Pagers built-into your POS

Don't miss those drink and desert orders

  • Most profitable items are sold at the end of the meal, when waiters don't visit
  • Let customers page a waiter by pushing a button on their table
  • A wrist pager will vibrate discreetly on waiters wrist, giving him the table number
  • All software already built-in, just add pagers and stop missing those orders