TableSide Ordering

Handhelds Compact!

Handhelds eliminate the need to run back-and-forth

  • Transmit order directly to kitchen
  • Re-open orders, modify items.
  • Move around between tables.
  • Easy to use, lightweight, no errors.

Tablets Easy to read!

Tablets are an economical solution for staff running back-and-forth

  • Larger (10”) screen makes interactions easier
  • Lower cost.
  • Option to leave with customers when appropriate.
  • Easy to share modifier info with customers

Pagers Discrete buttons

No need to keep checking up on customers

  • Small, thin buttons, long battery life
  • Perfect with QR menus, customer rings when ready to order
  • Wrist pager on server shows table number
  • Additionally, floorplan with animation shows which table needs service.

QR with all modifiers

QR ordering direct to your POS or Dashboard

  • Table number included in QR code
  • Full menu, with all options/modifiers
  • Pay via mobile or pay later via server
  • No third-party involved.

Self-Service Kiosks

Full size, free-standing

Wall mounted

Space saving

Free-standing Impressive!

32" high resolution screen makes interaction comfortable

  • Strong, durable enclosure is long-lasting
  • Ergonomic user interface for all heights
  • Easy to maintain with front opening
  • Scans coupons, loyalty cards. Doubles as high-resolution signage when idle

Economical Wall mounted

Turn a wall into a high-tech kiosk

  • The most economical way to deploy self-service
  • Ergonomic UI, accommodates all heights
  • Lightweight display requires minimal infrastructure modifications
  • Scans coupons, loyalty cards. Doubles as high-resolution signage when idle

Counter-top All in one

Robust enough to place indoor or outdoor

  • Guest pagers, for more efficient service
  • Small enough to move around if mounted on a pedestal
  • Large 21" screen is easy to interact with
  • Scans coupons, loyalty cards. Doubles as high-resolution signage when idle

Space saving dual screen

Dual screen pos where front screen can become self-service

  • Small, space-saving kiosk when space is a premium
  • Use as manned POS or un-manned Self-Service for maximum flexibility
  • Economical design to save money
  • Scans coupons, loyalty cards. Doubles as high-resolution signage when idle

Integrated Mobile Ordering

The only POS that comes with its own mobile app, out of the box

How is this possible? It is possible because the Chalkboards POS comes with its own, built-in QR code

QR Code is the solution

Let customers reach you directly via your QR code

  • QR code lets customers bypass search engines and 3rd parties
  • But you must make it easy for them to find your QR
  • So put it everywhere, on labels, cards, receipts, emails...
  • Finally, you can end the tyranny of the middle-men

Even better, your QR is also your App

These are not your ordinary QR codes

  • Scan the QR and "Add to Home Screen", and they turn into an App
  • Next time, your customers doesn't need to scan anything
  • Just tap the app, and place an order directly to you
  • No AppStore fees, nothing to download, nothing to install

Direct to your kitchen

Whenever possible, cut-out the middleman

  • Direct orders save time and money
  • Your app is in perfect sync with your menu in-store
  • Avoid paying any fees or commissions to 3rd parties
  • Keep everything you earn

Unified Signage

Portable sidewalk

Fixed free-standing

Fixed wall-mounted

Embedded in POS

Consistent, unified messaging

Even your POS gets the same signage

  • Finally, your POS has built-in cloud-connected signage
  • Show the same specials at the counter-top and on the sidewalk
  • Consistent signage is far more effective in promoting your specials
  • Enjoy Over-the-air updates and broadcast fresh content instantly

Over-the-air updates

No more USB drives, modern Over-the-air (OTA) updates are cooler

  • Create signage in your office
  • Publish to the cloud
  • Let devices update themselves, automatically
  • Even your POS will download the latest signage from the cloud

Not just pictures

Cheat with technology!

  • Handwritten signs convey warmth, freshness and charm
  • But they are a pain to write nicely and maintain
  • Use chalkfonts to create authentic-looking signs, from your sofa.
  • Over-the-air updates broadcast your handi-work instantly to all signage devices

Integrated Waitlist with pagers or text

Self-service sign-up or manual sign-up by concierge


Notify by pager or text

Seat by drag-and-drop

From seating to payment

The concierge needs to know when a customer has paid

  • 3rd party waitlist apps don't know when your guest has paid
  • Chalkboards integrated Waitlist know when your guest has paid
  • Same floorplan is seen by all terminals and handhelds, always in sync
  • Increase table utilization, avoid errors, and avoid 3rd party fees

Dual Screen POS

Dual Screen with Weight

Portable all-in-one

Switch with a tap

Switch between the many functions of the POS with tap on the icons

  • From the home screen of your POS, you have quick access to all the functions
  • Generate and print an instant coupon, view annotated tables on the floorplan, and so on.
  • View orders in different way, by name, by items, by source, by status
  • From topology view, check operational of all connected terminals, disable or enable based on your needs.
  • The Chalkboards POS is brimming with powerful tools that will help you sell more, and save more

A partial list of the numerous functions of your POS

  • Tableside Ordering

  • Self-service Kiosks

  • Integrated Mobile Ordering

  • Unified Signage

  • Waitlist

  • Sidewalk Menu

  • Dual Screen POS

  • Kitchen Automation

Sidewalk salesman

Portable menu on a pedestal

Entice with mouth-watering pictures

Modern touch/swipe interface

Easy to explore

Kitchen displays

Regular, touch or bumpbar

Ultrawide, bumpbar

Kitchen automation already built-in

Calm your kitchen with built-in automation

  • Set up prep stations, routing-rules for any item
  • Kitchen tickets show passed time with changing colors
  • Show videos/instructions for any item for staff
  • Print sticky labels using attached printers

Annotated Kitchen tickets

All the information, in easy-to read form

  • Individual clocks (analag and digital) indicate time elapsed
  • Item color (grayed) indicates item is currently in prep station
  • Takeout icons indicate which items are for takeout
  • Auto-routing as well manual bump, if needed